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4" Black Buffalo Horn Hairpipe Beads

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4" Black Buffalo Horn Hairpipe Beads
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These 4" black buffalo horn hairpipe beads are perfect for making native american inspired breastplates or for a center row drop in fancy neck chokers. It takes about 100 hairpipe to make a full sized man's 33 row breastplate. The shorter style  breastplate usually has 24 rows, with three hairpipe in each row. A woman's full length breastplate will take about 400.

Occasionally, you will hit a bead that isn't drilled straight and it's hard to get the thread through, so it's a good idea to order a few extra, just in case.

Priced by the bead, but sold in multiples of 50.

Imported from India.

Pre-punched breastplate spacer strips
are sold separately. The trick to making a nice breastplate is to keep the rows spaced evenly, and these pre-punched spacers work great for this.