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Cardinal, Blue Jay and Corn Pollen Beaded Long Necklace

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Cardinal, Blue Jay and Corn Pollen Beaded Long Necklace
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This seed bead bird and corn pollen beadwork necklace is beautifully hand beaded with small size 11/0 Cz seed beads in brown, gold and orange against a turquoise background. This multi-strand necklace also has sections of multi-colored beads in the same hues.

back view of seed beaded necklaceThis beaded necklace is 28 inches long and 1.5 inches wide (71.1 cm x 3.8 cm).

Matching earrings are sold separately.

This beaded native american inspired seed bead necklace is hand crafted.

This amazing hand beaded necklace holds some powerful and sacred symbols. It is all about the life forces, abundance, fertility, and renewal. The triangles at the top represent rain, which brings life to the crops and all creatures.

The corn stalk is in full pollen, representing the life force, abundance, and fertility. Corn pollen is one of the most sacred symbols to the Pueblo and Navajo tribes. Birds in general are a symbol of renewal of life, wet seasons, rivers, distant travel, long vision, and wisdom. Because of this relationship to water, they are often referred to collectively as water birds.

The bright red color of the cardinal is very symbolic. Red represents the blood or life force of the Mystic Christ. In yoga circles this vital force is known as the kundalini. The kundalini lies dormant within us until activated by a disciplined spiritual practice. Once activated, spiritual power can be attained. In native american lore, the cardinal is a power-packed bird that transforms and awakens us. Cardinal Medicine renews vitality in life and returns joy, brilliance and balance to the mind, body and spirit. He awakens spiritual transformations, intellectual insights and heightens intuitions and perceptions. The cardinal aids in manifesting dreams and ideas by focussing intentions where it's needed, and this helps you find your own song in life.

The Blue Jay brings balance. He teaches how to use power properly. The word "jay" comes from the Latin "gaia" or "gaea" - meaning Mother Earth. In Greek mythology the union of Mother Earth (Gaea) and Father Heaven (Uranus) resulted in the first creatures who had the appearance of life.

The colors of the Blue Jay demonstrate his spiritual purpose. The sky (blue) separates the Heavens (white) and the Earth (black). The blue jay as a totem can move between heaven and earth and tap into the energies of both.The crest on the jay's head is symbolic of higher knowledge that can be used when focused.

Not produced by or the product of a particular Indian or indian tribe as defined by 26 USA - 605 et Seq