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Cinnamon Grizzly Bear Original Painting

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Cinnamon Grizzly Bear Original Painting
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This is an Acrylic Painting of a Cinnamon Grizzly Bear done on a cinnamon Turkey Feather. This original minature painting is matted and framed and ready to be displayed. The frame measures 7x14 inches.

This is an ORIGINAL ONE OF A KIND painting.

The grizzly is the largest species of black bear. This name can be misleading since some black bears are various shades of brown, or even blonde in color. All bears are omnivores, which means their main diet is roots and berries. While they are often thought of as ferocious, they actually eat less meat than many smaller animals, and can be quite playful. Bears can run 35-45 m.p.h. for short distances.

The bear is a powerful creature in myths and lore. There are stories of bears turning into both humans and gods, and humans turning into bears.

The crest of the Haida Bear Clan has its origins in one of the most widely told of all Haida legends - that of Bear Mother. She was born a chief's daughter and through various events, became the wife of a handsome young bear who was nephew to a great bear chief. After giving birth to twin cubs, her husband was killed by her real brothers on condition that they would take the bear crest as their own, thus beginning the bear clan. This helped to maintain the good relations between bears and humans and has forever established the bear as a highly respected and powerful clan crest.

The star constellation known as Ursa Major or The Big Dipper is also known as The Bear to north american native people. An Iroquois legend says the Dipper cup is the bear and the stars in the handle are Iroquois warriors who are doomed to chase the bear forever.

The bear totem represents healing and medicine. The power of the Bear totem is the power of introspection. When you have a Bear totem, you are being guided to a leadership role. You must be fearless in defending your beliefs.

As an animal totem, the turkey is called the "giveaway eagle" or the "life giver." It is associated with shared blessings, harvest, fertility, grounding and self-sacrifice.

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