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Coyote Antler Spirit Chaser II

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Coyote Antler Spirit Chaser II
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This dance staff or spirit chaser has a coyote skull on one end and a deer antler on the other. The skull and leather have been antiqued to give the appearance of age. The handle is leather wrapped with a section of beadwork and two coyote or badger fur wraps. The beadwork shown is representative, no two are exactly alike.

detail of antler, buffalo tooth and coyote tooth on spirit chaser stick This staff is decorated with the highly sought out bronze turkey feathers, horsehair, and small trinkets such as bones, crystals, teeth and claws. They are attached with buckskin fringes and brass, silver, or glass trade beads.

If you have a preference on bead colors, leave a comment in the box provided for that purpose on your checkout form.

detail of beadwork and buffalo tooth and coyote tooth on spirit chaser stickThis item can be shipped internationally. However, check with your local customs to be sure animal parts can be imported. Feathers cannot be imported to New Zealand. We are not responsible for items seized by customs agents.

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Not produced by a particular indian or indian tribe.