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Coyote Dreamcatcher Medicine Shield

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Coyote Dreamcatcher Medicine Shield
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Stones in Web: Your Choice Size: Approximately 16" wide x 36" to 40" long (40.64 cm X 91.44 cm to 101.6cm) depending on feather choice. This Coyote dream catcher medicine shield is 16" in diameter and approximately 36" long. Length may vary a couple inches one way or the other. The hoop is wrapped in fur and the web is decorated with your choice of stones. It also has four bundles of horse hair for stamina and strength, a coyote tooth for knowledge and humor, and a raccoon penis bone for fertility, all held on with brass cones. Coyote has powerful energy, as can be seen by its ability to adapt to any situation no matter what the circumstance. Coyote brings magic into our lives, and in many cultures, he has been represented as a trickster. Its playful, cunning and stealthy energy can often slip into our lives to remind us to laugh at ourselves. There are many stories about the Coyote as being a trickster. Don't let that fool you, because Coyote protects the home and the people in it from foolishness. Living in hills or underground dens, Coyotes always make sure the family is fully protected. He helps to keep the family close. The extra long deerskin fringes are shown in rust brown deerskin and decorated with colorful Bronze Turkey feathers held on with brass cones. The smaller pheasant feathers are held on with glass crow beads and brass metal beads. We make this coyote dreamcatcher medicine shield especially for you when you order it, so allow 1-2 weeks for construction time. Because each one is handmade especially for you, the one shown is representative, and the one you receive may vary slightly. If you would prefer a different stone in the web, or silver cones and beads instead of brass, or a specific color crow bead, or different feathers, let us know in the comments on your order form. Handcrafted in the USA, This one-of-a-kind coyote dream catcher can be shipped internationally, but feathers of any kind cannot be shipped to New Zealand. However, if your country does not allow the importation of feathers, we can ship it without the feathers. Dreamcatchers were traditionally made for one at birth and kept throughout life, adding decorations as you wish. The beads or stones in the web represent bad dreams that are caught, which will melt when touched by the morning light. The feathers are the path to bring the good dreams to the owner. Not produced by or the product of a particular Indian or indian tribe as defined by 26 USA - 605 et Seq

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