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Gold Buckskin Long Fringed Buffalo Horn Peace Pipe

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Gold Buckskin Long Fringed Buffalo Horn Peace Pipe
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This peace pipe is made with a polished buffalo horn and wood pipe stem. Overall, this buffalo horn pipe is about 16" x18", including the leather hanger strap and feathers.

The buffalo horn bowl shown is representative. Coloring on individual horns will vary from solid black to black with white patches, usually at the top of the horn. The outside of the horn is polished to a high gloss shine.

The stem of this pipe is wrapped with deerskin leather and has two rabbit fur wraps. It also has many long fringes with dozens of colorful feathers held on with brass trade beads and glass crow beads.

Each fringe is tipped with a brass cone.

The buffalo symbolizes abundance. The rabbit totem is an instrument of magic and good luck. He brings success and a good attitude to all endeavors. Rabbit is also a symbol of reproduction and abundance. The lesson is to create joy and faithfulness within our friendships, and go forward with anticipation.

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