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US Homegrown Palm Leaf Pendant with center green marble

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US Homegrown Palm Leaf Pendant with center green marble
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This palm leaf pendant is cast in fine lead-free pewter which holds a center green marble and comes with an 18" black leather cord . The pendant is approximately 1 1/2" (3.8cm) at the widest point x 2" long (5.1cm).

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These sell by the dozens at any festival or fair if you hang them on the isle. An easy display is to loop them over a long bungie cord, then hook it to either side of your canopy frame so they hang above your jewelry cases.

The larger the display and assortment of styles, the more you will sell. It is not uncommon to move more than a hundred in a weekend at a show or flea market with a large crowd.

When you pack up your booth, slip a plastic grocery sack over about a foot of necklaces and knot it loosely above the bungie cord to keep the necklaces from tangling. Then throw bungie cord and all into a tote and it's packed up in five minutes. At the next show, hang up your bungie, pull off the sacks and you're back in business in a couple minutes.

Not produced by or the product of a particular Indian or indian tribe as defined by 26 USA - 605 et Seq