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7" Indian Chief and Buffalo DreamCatcher

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7" Indian Chief and Buffalo DreamCatcher
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This dreamcatcher is approximately 7" in diameter and the overall length is about 14 inches. This dream catcher has a polystone chief in full headdress and a buffalo head in the web. The long fringes are decorated with red coque feathers and wood or plastic beads.

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Traditionally, a dreamcatcher was made for one at birth and kept throughout life, adding decorations as you wished. Upon death it was placed with you to help you on your journey into the next world. The decorations in the web represent bad dreams that are caught. The feathers are the path for the good dreams to flow through to you. The morning sun enters through the hole in the center to melt the bad dreams away in it's first light.

The larger your dream catcher display, the faster they will sell. They will sell much faster if hung up at eye level instead of laid flat on a table. If you aren't currently selling dreamcatchers, give them a try. You will soon find they are one of your must have staples. They sell well at any kind of event, even if it's not native american related. Attach a tag with the dream catcher legend on it -- it's easy to sell anything you can tell a story about.

This item can be shipped internationally. However feathers cannot be imported to New Zealand.

The feathers are a by-product that otherwise would have been discarded. No birds were killed specifically for their feathers.

Not produced by a tribal member or a particular indian tribe.