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Matted and Framed Curious Fox Original Feather Painting

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Matted and Framed Curious Fox Original Feather Painting
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This original acrylic painting is done on a parrot feather and features a red fox. The hand carved wood frame measures about 8" x 10" and stands up for a tabletop display, and also has a hanging loop for wall display.

This is an ORIGINAL painting.

The fox totem represents the protector and guardian of the family.

With its brightly colored feathers, the parrot is considered a bird of the sun. The attributes of color and association with the life-giving sun are what gives it its magic. Parrot feathers can be used in prayer sticks for powerful healing rites and also to invoke the energies of the sun at any time of the year.

Because parrots are able to mimic the speech of humans, the parrot is considered a link or bridge between humans and the natural world. Parrots have a magic that can awaken a diplomacy within and enable you to understand others more effectively.

The Pueblo Indians associate parrots with the gathering of salt. Salt was a precious commodity, and the places where salt was found, were considered a gift from the sun.

Anyone with a parrot totem should study colors and their effects. The parrot can be a wonderful teacher of the power of light and color.

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