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Medium 4" x 5" Rabbit Fur Bag

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Medium 4" x 5" Rabbit Fur Bag
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This medicine bag is made from assorted colors of rabbit fur. The top is reinforced with suede leather for added strength and closes with a suede drawstring. Bag is approximately 4" x 5"

Medicine bags are ancient personal empowerment tools. Spiritually representing the wearer, they contain that which is most spiritually significant and healing to the individual to help guide and protect one on their journey.

This might include collected spiritual objects or totems, a small feather, beads, horse hair, healing gemstones and crystals, seeds, photos, or anything significant to the medicine bag's owner. Those items that are important to the wearer protect and ground them to our Mother Earth and the Creator, and bring them strength and healing.

Not produced by or the product of a particular Indian or indian tribe as defined by 26 USA - 605 et Seq