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Pink Four Dreamcatcher Family

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Pink Four Dreamcatcher Family
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This family of dreamcatchers has a six inch hoop and three 3" hoops wrapped in suade leather. This dream catcher is about 20" long. Natural turkey feathers have been dyed to match the leather color. This dreamcatcher group has plastic pony beads holding on the feathers.

Traditionally, a dreamcatcher was made for one at birth and kept throughout life, adding decorations as you wished. Upon death it was placed with you to help you on your journey into the next world. The decorations in the web represent bad dreams that are caught. The feathers are the path for the good dreams to flow through to you. The morning sun enters through the hole in the center to melt the bad dreams away in it's first light.

The dream catcher pictured is representative. The one you will receive may vary slightly.

This item can be shipped internationally. However feathers cannot be imported to New Zealand. Be sure to check with your local customs before ordering to be sure domestic chicken feathers can be imported to your country. We will not be responsible for items seized by customs agents.

Not produced by a tribal member or a particular indian tribe.