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S-Shaped Leather Needle

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S-Shaped Leather Needle
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If you've never tried an S shaped needle for sewing leather, buy one and try it. I swear, you will never again use anything else! This is the greatest invention I've ever seen for working with leather.

Forget the time consuming chore of pre-punching holes. Forget pulling glover's needles with pliers, breaking the eye out several times a day. Forget the C and L shaped upholstery needles that wear callouses on your fingers, or require a clumsy thimble for pushing your needle.

All you need is one of these S shaped wonders. It's all I've used since I first tried one. It has a triangular shaped tip that goes through buckskin like butter, or even heavy rawhide, and cow, moose or buffalo leather with very little effort. The unique double curve shape takes the strain off your fingers and you barely have to push hard to get it through the thickest, toughest leather.

Unlike a round punched hole, that may be too big for your lacing and leave gaps in the leather, this needle only punches the exact width to pull the needle and lace through, and creates a seamless fit.

The smaller size is easier for tight spots or small items like chokers, while the larger size gives you more leverage with thicker leathers and makes sewing large items faster than the small one.

These needles may seem a bit pricey, but one will last you longer than 10 packages of glover's needles, and is a whole lot easier to use. I just can't say enough good things about this wonderful needle.

Available in 4" or 5" lengths.

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