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Double Fur Deer Antler Talking Stick

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Double Fur Deer Antler Talking Stick
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This deer antler talking stick is decorated with two coyote fur wraps, pheasant feathers and duck feathers. The handle is wrapped in authentic buckskin. The feathers are held in place with glas crow trade beads.

In the old days when a council was held, whoever held the talking stick had the floor, and everyone else was forbidden to speak until the talker passed the stick, signaling he was finished with what he had to say. This prevented interuptions in his train of thought, or heated discussion and angry outbursts before all viewpoints of those present had been presented.

It was customary for the next speaker to receive the talking stick to first pause and collect his thoughts about what he wanted to convey, before taking his turn talking while holding the talking stick.

Talking sticks are still a valuable tool today for teachers and marriage councilors to help teach their pupils to learn to listen before speaking.

deer antler talking stickThis piece could also be used for a dance staff.

The pictures shown are representative. Because this is a handmade item, the one you receive may vary slightly. Antlers and fur colors may vary slightly on the one you receive. If you have a preference on bead colors, let us know in the comment box of your order form.

This talking stick is approximately 18-20" long X 5-7" wide. Because each talking stick is individually hand-made from a real deer antler, there will be slight variations in the size and shape of the antler used.

This deer antler talking stick can be shipped internationally. However, check with your local customs office to be sure these animal parts can be imported to your country. We are not responsible for items seized by customs agents.

Not produced by a particular indian or indian tribe.