How to make a Jingle Dress

In this sewing video we describe a little bit about the history of the Jingle Dress, as well as some information about what a Jingle Dress should look like. In this video you’ll see us going through the various steps we took to make a Child’s Jingle Dress in a fast paced motion. How to make a Jingle Dress »»

Types of Leather and Leather Terminology Glossary

Hide parts and Thickness Chart

Leather is made from tanned animal skins. It is available in all kinds of weights, types and tanning methods. Here are some of the terms used when talking about leather. Types of Leather and Leather Terminology Glossary »»

Chakra stones & colors

Here are some stones and colors to represent the seven Chakra zones. Chakra stones & colors »»

How to convert US measurements to metric

In case you’ve never gotten along with millimeters, or in case you need to do some conversions and never got along with algebra, this page contains easy conversions back and forth between inches and millimeters. How to convert US measurements to metric »»

Common Units of Measure

This list explains common units of measurement used to describe jewelry and craft supplies. Common Units of Measure »»

Beading & Jewelry Stringing Materials Guide

Discover which types of necklace wire, cording, beading thread and other stringing materials will work best for your bead stringing creations. Learn about various stringing cords, cables, chains, and ribbons. Beading & Jewelry Stringing Materials Guide »»

What to do when your weft thread is too short for your project

Step 3

When using a loom, the warp threads are the threads that actually attach to the loom and run up the length of it. The weft threads are the threads threaded into a needle that you weave with.

If you run out of weft thread, you can tie off what you have and add a new length of thread so that you can continue weaving.This tutorial will show you how to add more weft thread when you run out in the middle of a loomed project. What to do when your weft thread is too short for your project »»