How to make a mountain man hat

Silver fox mountain man hat

There are many traditional styles of fur hats that can be easily made by hand, one of the most unique being the “mountain man” style which includes the animal’s hindquarters and tail draping across the wearer’s shoulders.

The exact origin of this style is not well known, although some say that the long drape of fur helped protect the back of wearer’s neck and shoulders from the cold wind. It’s no doubt one of the warmest hats you will ever wear! How to make a mountain man hat »»

How to figure out square feet when measuring leather

Leather measurement diagram

When you buy commercially tanned leather, the square feet of the hide is usually stamped on it, but sometimes the stamp is not legible. Here is a simple formula to measure square feet. How to figure out square feet when measuring leather »»

How to clean suede leather.

Suede and leather can be hard to clean. It’s advised that you have suede cleaned professionally. However there are a few steps you can take if it’s very light soiling. How to clean suede leather. »»

Five ways to clean a rabbit fur pelt

Keeping and displaying tanned rabbit fur pelts — or any animal pelt — is a way to preserve a portion of an animal that might otherwise be wasted. A hide may, for example, be kept by a hunter as a trophy piece or it may simply serve a decorative purpose. Some people belive each animal has spiritual power, and keeping one nearby gives you protection or helps you with whatever that animal represents.

Whatever the case may be, tanned hides need to be cared for in order to keep them clean and presentable. Properly maintaining a tanned hide requires routine maintenance to ensure that it looks good and does not suffer the effects of aging and potential deterioration.  Five ways to clean a rabbit fur pelt »»

History of Zuni Silversmith Traditions

Zuni Needlepoint Pin

Metalworking had a different history among the Zuni than that of the Navajo and Hopi. In about 1830, the Zuni learned to work with copper and brass salvaged from old kettles. They did not begin silver crafting until four decades later. History of Zuni Silversmith Traditions »»

History of Navajo Silversmiths

Navajo necklaces

Atsidi Sani (Old Smith in English), was the first known Navajo silversmith. While some native american tribes have worked with turquoise for millennia, sterling silver and turquoise jewelry is a relatively recent trade. The Indians of the Southwest did not learn to work with silver until the latter part of the 19th century. History of Navajo Silversmiths »»

How To Make a Beaded Rosette Medallion Necklace

Finished Beaded Medallion Necklace

This project will help you learn to do applique rosettes on a small project. Beaded medallion necklaces have been popular for both men and women dancers for many generations. How To Make a Beaded Rosette Medallion Necklace »»