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Assortment of 6 Sizes Dreamcatcher Hoops

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Assortment of 6 Sizes Dreamcatcher Hoops
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These solid metal hoops work great for dreamcatchers, mandellas, spirit shields, medicine wheels, wall hangings, mirror ornaments, macramé, and other craft projects. Thickness of the hoop is approximately 1/8" (3mm). Price is for a package of six metal rings. Silver colored metal hoops are much more economical than brass plated hoops, and it doesn't really matter if you are going to wrap them with leather or yarn. They are just as sturdy as the brass hoops. This is an excellent metal hoop for mandellas, dream catchers, macramé, floral arrangements or wreath craft projects, and is what we use on our own crafts. Perfect to wrap with leather or suede lace, hemp, yarn, felt, ribbon, etc., and very inexpensive, but sturdy.