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Craft Mule Deer Tails

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Craft Mule Deer Tails
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Mule deer tails are one of the few sources for long hollow hair. This makes the hair buoyant, making it a good choice for tying deep sea jigs.

Use the hair to hang out from tin cones for a very Eastern looking "fringe." You can dye them any color you wish with commerical fabric dyes found at most craft and grocery stores.

more examples of mule deer tails
More examples of October Mule Deer Tails

These mule deer tails were harvested in October, so they aren't as full as tails taken later in winter. They have long hairs at the base and bottom of the tail, but the center hairs are shorter and more sparse. There is still plenty of long hair to tye many flies.

These tails are deboned, stretched, and dried.

Deer parts cannot be imported to some states and countries, so check with your local Customs Office or Dept of Game to be sure this product is legal to ship to where you live. Cannot be shipped to Texas, Maryland or New York.