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White Rabbit Mini Love Flute

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White Rabbit Mini Love Flute
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This is a miniature replica of a love flute, sometimes called a courting flute. As the name suggests, in native american traditions, they were flutes played in courting rituals - by a young man serenading his intended bride. Generally they were played for no other reason, although some men are known to have played them for their wives as a sign of love.

Courtship was not the private affair that western culture takes for granted. Most courting was very formal, and took place in full view of the rest of the tribe. When a young man courted a woman he was dressed and painted in his finest. He carried a special blanket, woven by the female members of his family - a sister or other close female relation, which he would invite the woman to share.

To draw her out from her dwelling, the courter would play a love song on his flute. Each man had his own unique love song composed specifically for the girl he was courting.

If his melody was enchanting enough, and the girl was interested, she would come out and join him under his courting blanket.

There, standing together under the watchful eyes of the tribe, they whispered together - the only form of "privacy" afforded them. A popular girl might have a row of young men waiting for her, each carrying his own flute and courting blanket to wrap her close to him.

How the love flute came to be a part of these courting rituals is the subject of many sacred stories.

This flute is a miniature replica of the real thing. The artist is of mixed cultural heritage. It is approximately 12" long, made from bamboo, and decorated with rabbit fur, pony beads, and farm raised pheasant feathers attached to real buckskin streamers. The pictures shown are representative. Because this is a one-of-a-kind hand crafted item, each will vary slightly from the one pictured. Bead colors are varied. If you have a preference for bead colors, specify your 1st and 2nd choices in the comment field of your order form.

This love flute replica will make a great conversation piece for any artifact replica or miniatures collection or a great functioning flute any small child will enjoy.

Made in the USA. Not produced by a particular indian or indian tribe.