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Black Fox Dreamcatcher Medicine Shield

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Black Fox Dreamcatcher Medicine Shield
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This fur wrapped medicine shield is 16" in diameter and overall the shield is approximately 38" long. This black fox medicine shield has a dreamcatcher with many natural coral pieces in the web.

Coral has been called the 'garden of the sea'. It was once believed to be a plant, but is now known to actually contain living animals called polyps. Coral is the result of accumulated skeletal masses from these polyps. Red is considered the most sought after color but coral also can be found in pink, white, yellow and black.

Records dating back thousands of years confirm that coral was used in decorative art objects. It was believed to prevent ill fortune and offer protection from skin disease when worn as a necklace. Dreams about coral are believed to foretell recovery from a long illness.

Coral is a good aid for meditation or visualization.

This medicine shield has a black fox face and three prime black fox tails. There are also four bundles of horsehair for strength and stamina, a coyote tooth for knowledge, and a racoon penis bone for fertility, all held on with silver colored metal cones.

The ten long buckskin fringes are decorated with dozens of red and gold tipped Golden Pheasant feathers attached with glass crow beads and silver plated beads. There is a large simulated eagle feather at the end of each fringe held on with a silver colored metal cone.

This artifact replica is handmade in the USA. Because each one is handmade especially for you, the one shown is representative. The one you receive may vary slightly.

Fox has powerful energy, as can be seen by its ability to adapt to any situation no matter what the circumstance.

detail of turquoise stones in dreamcatcher of silver fox shieldFox brings magic into our lives, and in many cultures, has been represented as a trickster. Its playful, cunning and stealthy energy can often slip into our lives to remind us to laugh at ourselves. Fox energy activates stagnancy, depressed spirituality, and dormant gifts and abilities. Fox represents cunning, magic, mischeivousness, the unknown, and moving with ease between worlds of energy.

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